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In this update, we’ll review the Chris Paul and Five Four Club collaboration. Five Four Club is a fashion company that operates clothing subscription box business model.

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Five Four Club Collaboration, 1 on 1 Sit Down, The Review, Pros, and Cons…


Info on this LA-based fashion brand…

What is all the fuss about? The adage goes, “dress for the job you want.” What if you don’t know how to dress and haven’t been getting the job you want as a result? Or what if you have the job you want but just can’t seem to get dates because you don’t feel confident in the clothes you choose to wear?

What if you love clothes but have the worst time sticking to a budget when faced will so many options in traditional retail stores? It can be expensive, time consuming and stressful to wander through the fashion world unsure of where to even begin, much less build a current wardrobe that you feel good about wearing on a daily basis. Are you a guy located in the United States or Canada who struggles to find affordable fashionable clothing and trendy accessories, or maybe even struggles to find what is currently fashionable (it’s always changing!)? There is a clothing subscription service available to men like you who just want to have new, trendy and affordable options on a monthly basis to establish and maintain a wardrobe that fits their lifestyle!

How it works is that Five Four clothing club employs stylists who take information subscribers give them to create tailored packages of discounted, high-end clothing that are shipped monthly as a subscription.


clothing club review 2017


Sound Interesting, yet? It probably sounds too good to be true and idealistic, we thought so too, but after extensive research we have concluded that it is an amazing service that is changing the way men look at personal and professional fashion.

We have gone so far to prepare a full length article of every aspect of this fashion company so before you subscribe to it, you understand what it is about and where your money is going. For a business that is thirteen years old it has had successful longevity, and for good reason! Read on for a full article and decide if it sounds like the best fit for you!


Subscription Box Clothing Club


Craftmanship and Subscription


Alright, after hearing about this glamorous subscription that will change the way you see yourself through the perspective of fashion, you might be wondering how much such a service will cost you and what exactly you get from it… Monthly their subscription costs $60 and if it ships to Canada that will cost you an extra shipping surcharge of $25—which is affordable for an international package that isn’t light, in part to ensure your new garments are protected. When you see $60 monthly, try to put it into perspective, do you have other subscriptions that you don’t really use but add up to about $60? Do you buy a lot of coffee that you could stand to cut back on and invest in something concrete, like a decent wardrobe? If you look at it that way, or as a weekly cost of roughly $12, it doesn’t seem so bad; it seems like a deal!


five four club summer looks


For $60 a month, what do you receive?


Each month you will receive 2-3 new clothing pieces from high-end brands that match a profile which you provide. If you provide information that you prefer a classic style, it is likely you will receive a button down and pants. The only major critique from subscribers has been that if you are a larger guy, go ahead and size up because the clothing can sometimes run small. Also, you don’t have to be classic, maybe you just want a new t-shirt and some jeans, you can have a casual style profile to build your weekender wardrobe, too!


Fashion and Clothing Club


Subscription Box – The Cure for Social Anxiety of the Weekend Shopper


Making a Profile—Is it Hard?


This isn’t rocket science, there are four categories to choose from: classic, forward, casual and mix. From what you pick, your clothing will be based and if you change your style preference, not a big deal, just log in and change your profile so for the next month your subscription reflects what you desire. Their website is simple and user friendly, which makes it even more appealing to use! If for some reason you find yourself having issues with creating a profile, the customer service by FiveFour is second to none and would love to help you with any issues you encounter.


Another great reason to visit their website is to look at previous subscription boxes, it will give you an idea of what other subscribers have received and let you anticipate what you might end up getting in your own box. There are also videos that detail the company and give a nice visual, if the subscription is anything like the website that represents it, the subscription will be modern and trendy—which is the main point of it!


fivefourclub - the common thread collection


Are They Customer Friendly?


There is nothing but an absolutely positive to say about FiveFour’s clothing club regarding the customer service provided by the club, and that is the reason a small idea started by two college students has continuously flourished over the years—making $60 million in sales in 2016 alone! Customer service representatives regularly ask subscribers for feedback and take everything they say seriously by using the feedback to make program changes at the designer and curator level for the betterment of subscriber experience.


What if You Don’t Get Everything You Want?


Worried that maybe a friend who also subscribes to their subscription box service received something in his box that you were hoping to get? Well, it is a business with the aim of making money after all… so there is an option to buy clothing items you do not receive in your box for a discounted price and add them to next month’s box. With service like this, it is really simple for the subscription to satisfy all of your clothing needs. Maybe you’ll find that after a few months with this subscription service you won’t use traditional shopping methods again!


Celebrities Endorsements


If everything mentioned so far hasn’t convinced you to give them a try, celebrities have endorsed and positively reviewed FiveFourClub for years. Mark Wahlberg is one of the most famous to use the subscription service and had a positive experience. The company has also been mentioned in numerous publications from Vice to Paper and GQ, it has become a commonly mentioned fashion service due to its increasing popularity and dependable service.

lub for years. Mark Wahlberg is one of the most famous to use the subscription service and had a positive experience. The company has also been mentioned in numerous publications from Vice to Paper and GQ, it has become a commonly mentioned fashion service due to its increasing popularity and dependable service.


five four club x chris paul collection


Can Women Wear the Clothes?


While they haven’t said that women can’t wear their clothes, women have commented that wearing “boyfriend style” items that have come in their husband’s or boyfriend’s boxes have turned out to be cozy and fun to wear themselves! So, don’t count out the brand as for guys only!


No, they do not have women’s subscription boxes, but women should still be interested in the one of a kind company because a paid subscription to the Five Four clothing club makes a unique and timeless gift for male loved ones who might need some extra help in the fashion department, or maybe simply enjoy fashion trends!


What’s your take on our 2017 review?


Hopefully, our review and promo code has convinced you to take a chance on something new, something that will cause you more ease in your fashion choices and acquisition as well as bring some fun into your life. If you find yourself making decisions all day and can’t imagine making silly wardrobe choices, let the Four Five Club do it for you and relax with your new threads that will set you apart and give you the confidence you deserve to have!


Perhaps the best part about this article is that nothing is forever, so giving it a try does no harm, because if you want to stop you can without penalty. Also, there are frequently discount codes available to get money off of your first box, really that is not a gimmick, it’s just the reality of this amazing service!


Join business men, casual men, fashion forward men and celebrities who all support this amazing company that is changing the fashion and shopping industry as we know it!


Fun Fact #1: Did you know that the term “FiveFour” comes from the co-founders, Andres Izquieta and Dee Murthy. It means 5-4=1 translating to 1 love among their close group of friends in college.

Fun Fact #2: Did you know that they have an interest in Chris “Drama” Pfaff’s wildly successful clothing line, Young & Reckless


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