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July 2017 [Men’s Clothing]

Five Four Club Review


Hey guys, check out my Five Four Club review that I’ve written to make your shopping decision easier. In this Five Four Club review, we’ll break down the pros and cons of each brands.

Subscription Clothing Comparison

five four club logovs
Trunk Club Logo

Anyway, without further a do, here is our testimonial for Five Four Club’s – clothing subscription box, and it’s pros and cons. In the videos below I will show you how the link for the attached Five Four Club promo code works, a few of their range from their collections, as well as other videos that you might be interested in. If you do decide to subscribe with them (which is think is a steal for that price), check out the coupon code on our Five Four Club review page.


Comparing Five Four vs Trunk Club

What is all the fuss about? The adage goes, “dress for the job you want.” What if you don’t know how to dress and haven’t been getting the job you want as a result? Or what if you have the job you want but just can’t seem to get dates because you don’t feel confident in the clothes you choose to wear?

What if you love clothes but have the worst time sticking to a budget when faced will so many options in traditional retail stores? It can be expensive, time consuming and stressful to wander through the fashion world unsure of where to even begin, much less build a current wardrobe that you feel good about wearing on a daily basis. Are you a guy located in the United States or Canada who struggles to find affordable fashionable clothing and trendy accessories, or maybe even struggles to find what is currently fashionable (it’s always changing!)? There is a clothing subscription service available to men like you who just want to have new, trendy and affordable options on a monthly basis to establish and maintain a wardrobe that fits their lifestyle! The Five Four Club employs stylists who take information subscribers give them to create tailored packages of discounted, high-end clothing that are shipped monthly as a subscription.


Five Four Club Review


Sound Interesting, yet? It probably sounds too good to be true and idealistic, we thought so too, but after extensive review research we have concluded that it is an amazing service that is changing the way men look at personal and professional fashion.

We have gone so far to prepare a full length Five Four Club review of every aspect of this fashion company so before you subscribe to it, you understand what it is about and where your money is going. For a business that is thirteen years old it has had successful longevity, and for good reason! Read on for a full review of the Five Four Club and decide if it sounds like the best fit for you!


Subscription Box Club - Five Four Clothing Review


Craftmanship and Subscription


Alright, after hearing about this glamorous subscription that will change the way you see yourself through the perspective of fashion, you might be wondering how much such a service will cost you and what exactly you get from it… Monthly a Five Four Club subscription costs $60 and if it ships to Canada that will cost you an extra shipping surcharge of $25—which is affordable for an international package that isn’t light, in part to ensure your new garments are protected. When you see $60 monthly, try to put it into perspective, do you have other subscriptions that you don’t really use but add up to about $60? Do you buy a lot of coffee that you could stand to cut back on and invest in something concrete, like a decent wardrobe? If you look at it that way, or as a weekly cost of roughly $12, it doesn’t seem so bad; it seems like a deal!


Image result for site:fivefourclub.com five four club


For $60 a month, what do you receive?


Each month you will receive 2-3 new clothing pieces from high-end brands that match a profile which you provide. If you provide information that you prefer a classic style, it is likely you will receive a button down and pants. The only major critique from subscribers has been that if you are a larger guy, go ahead and size up because Five Four can run small. Also, you don’t have to be classic, maybe you just want a new t-shirt and some jeans, you can have a casual style profile to build your weekender wardrobe, too!


Review For Five Four club


Subscription Box – The Cure for Social Anxiety of the Weekend Shopper


Do you hate going to stores, especially on weekends or evenings when they are overcrowded and busy with a lack of selection after everyone else has picked over the clothing? The Five Four Club is the perfect solution for men who dislike the traditional shopping experience. Also, it is a great way to keep a budget, you know that you will only spend $60, you know that the clothing will be high quality, and you know that if you keep it up for a year you will have a substantial staple wardrobe that can benefit your style in a multitude of occasions. Skip the crowed mall, and skip searching and waiting for sales—sign up for the Five Four Club and experience up to 70% discounted items as the norm!


Making a Profile—Is it Hard?


This isn’t rocket science, there are four categories to choose from: classic, forward, casual and mix. From what you pick, your clothing will be based and if you change your style preference, not a big deal, just log in and change your profile so for the next month your subscription reflects what you desire. The Five Four Club website is simple and user friendly, which makes it even more appealing to use! If for some reason you find yourself having issues with creating a profile, the customer service at the Five Four Club is second to none and would love to help you with any issues you encounter.


Another great reason to visit the Five Four Club is to look at previous subscription boxes, it will give you an idea of what other subscribers have received and let you anticipate what you might end up getting in your own box. There are also videos that detail the company and give a nice visual, if the subscription is anything like the website that represents it, the subscription will be modern and trendy—which is the main point of it!


Testimonial - five four club


Reviews – Is  Five Four Club Customer Friendly?


There is nothing but an absolutely positive review on Five Four Club regarding the customer service provided by the club, and that is the reason a small idea started by two college students has continuously flourished over the years—making $60 million in sales in 2016 alone! Customer service representatives regularly ask subscribers for feedback and take everything they say seriously by using the feedback to make program changes at the designer and curator level for the betterment of subscriber experience.


What if You Don’t Get Everything You Want?


Worried that maybe a friend who also subscribes to the Five Four Club received something in his box that you were hoping to get? Well, it is a business with the aim of making money after all… so there is an option to buy clothing items you do not receive in your box for a discounted price and add them to next month’s box. With service like this, it is really simple for the Five Four Club to satisfy all of your clothing needs. Maybe you’ll find that after a few months with this subscription service you won’t use traditional shopping methods again!


Celebrities Endorsing the Five Four Club?


If everything mentioned so far hasn’t convinced you to give the Five Four Club a try, celebrities have endorsed and positively reviewed the Five Four Club for years. Mark Wahlberg is one of the most famous to use the subscription service and had a positive experience. The Five Four Club has also been mentioned in numerous publications from Vice to Paper and GQ, it has become a commonly mentioned fashion service due to its increasing popularity and dependable service.


Testimonial five four club chris paul


Can Women Wear the Clothes?


The Five Four Club doesn’t say women can’t wear their clothes and women have reviewed that wearing “boyfriend style” items that have come in their husband’s or boyfriend’s boxes have turned out to be cozy and fun to wear themselves! So, don’t count out the Five Four Club as guys only!


No, the Five Four Club does not have women’s subscription boxes, but women should still be interested in the one of a kind company because a paid subscription to the Five Four Club makes a unique and timeless gift for male loved ones who might need some extra help in the fashion department, or maybe simply enjoy fashion trends!


What’s your take on our Five Four Club review?


Hopefully our Five Four Club review have convinced you to take a chance on something new, something that will cause you more ease in your fashion choices and acquisition as well as bring some fun into your life. If you find yourself making decisions all day and can’t imagine making silly wardrobe choices, let the Four Five Club do it for you and relax with your new threads that will set you apart and give you the confidence you deserve to have!


Perhaps the best part about this Five Four Club review is that nothing is forever, so giving it a try does no harm, because if you want to stop you can without penalty. Also, there are frequently discount codes available to get money off of your first box, really that is not a gimmick, it’s just the reality of this amazing service!


Join business men, casual men, fashion forward men and celebrities who all support this amazing company that is changing the fashion and shopping industry as we know it!


Fun Fact #1: Did you know that the term “Five Four” comes from the co-founders, Andres Izquieta and Dee Murthy. It means 5-4=1 translating to 1 love among their close group of friends in college.

Fun Fact #2: Did you know that they have an interest in Chris “Drama” Pfaff’s wildly successful clothing line, Young & Reckless


Enjoy these videos…

Five Four Club – How Their Subscription Boxes and Shopping Experience Works

Five Four Club – The Common Thread Collection

Five Four Club x Chris Paul

Five Four Club – The Golden Hour

Five Four Club – Beyond The Box

Interview With Dee Murthy – Co-Founder of Five Four Club – Los Angeles



Subscription Clothing - Five Four Club Review

===|>> Get 10% OFF This Month with Our Five Four Club Coupon Code <<|==


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How Millenials Travel These Days



By: Lina Matthews
Published On: 23/5/2017

Lina is modern hippie currently working from her laptop
Catch her updates as she finds unique venues to explore.

Follow her on: FacebookTwitterLinkedIn

First things first for today – Thought that I’d update you, my lovely readers on my current travels. I am currently in Kuala Lumpur for a work meeting. I’ve been trying to pick up more and more web and graphic design clients now that 2017 is approaching. My goal is to be able to have 10 clients on hand that I can manage on retainer that I will work with on a month to month basis.

So in Kuala Lumpur, I met up with the owner of a clothing boutique that sells baju kurung. Baju kurung moden – baju raya is a type of traditional Malaysian costume that I believe is also a national dress for women here. They would like to create a website with guides on muslimah wear, specifically focusing on baju kurung and model baju kebaya modern muslim wisuda terbaru brokat. There are many types available such as model baju kebaya modern, baju kurung moden, lace, peplum, etc. I haven’t fully gotten the grasp of it yet but I’m sure by the end of this project, I’ll sure be an expert on the subject, haha.

So what they’d like to do is for me to create them a website. Additionally, they’d like me to also do some graphic design work for them as well. We have also talked about social media management. What that means is that I will set up their social media profiles and once every week I’ll upload content and pictures onto those profiles such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Haven’t really done social media management before but I think it will be a new skill that I can add to my CV. Plus, more money for me to travel 🙂 So, if you guys are interested in knowing more about baju kurung, make sure to check out their website! I will post a link to it once we’ve got the ball rolling.

Image result for robb report clothing review

Source: Travel Weekly

It was a fun and productive meeting. After the meeting, we head out to lunch at Suria KLCC (the shopping mall that’s connected to the Petronas Twin Towers.) It was very futuristic and modern sitting surrounded by sky scrapers.

For new year, our plan is to hit up some nice beachside resort and just unwind. Take two weeks or so off to recharge our mind and body. Not sure yet where we’ll go, but hopefully we can decide soon as the price will surely increase the more we wait.

Well that’s it for now. Will update more in a little bit.



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Being Frugal – A good or shameful trait?



By: Ramelda Izquieta
Published On: 20/5/2017

Ramelda is freelance writer currently funding her studies through digital journalism.
Based in San Mateo, Ramelda hopes to reach the world through her words.

Follow her on: FacebookTwitterLinkedIn


As you all know, I’m a web journalist. I do freelance work and most of time, the clients that I do work for have never had a website for their business before. A lot of them ask what’s the cheapest website available and I’d normally not know what to say. So I went on a mission to try few different hosting companies out and narrow down my options so I can give recommendations based on my first hand experience.

Lately, I’ve been researching and testing a few different e-commerce companies to see which ones offers the best rates and service. Another thing that is important for me is reliability! Will my hosting service have decent up time? Will it be fast enough and most importantly what are the specifications such as server speed, internet speed, and what’s the monthly bandwidth quota?


“I tried a few different ones such as Hostgator since they have on going discounts if you can manage to find a promo code. They’re reliable I guess but for larger clients, I’d prefer a Virtual Private Server (VPS). The only complaint that I have is that their customer support is a bit slow. Takes more than 24 hours usually to get my support ticket solved.”

Marjo H – Webmaster


Another hosting provider that I’ve been using is Bluehost. They’re quite cheap and are quite reliable. Fast speed and generous bandwidth quota, even for the smallest package. For any clients who would like me to create them a WordPress based sites, I normally go with Bluehost.


First Test:

grasscity coupon code - discounts voucher and reviews

Another company that I’ve been using lately is Siteground using these grass city voucher codes. I think they’re quite a small company since their customer service is terrific and you can buy securely. I always get a reply for any of my questions or concerns within 24 hours, sometimes even within 12 hours. I have only positive things to say about them and they are super professional. They have several different packages that you can choose from whether you’re creating a personal website for yourself or even larger packages such as dedicated Virtual Private Server if you need web hosting for your business. A Small Orange also offers generous discounts with their grasscity coupon code. Every now and then you can even set up to 50% discounts on the services that they offer. I’ve tried it before and their promo codes do work!

You just have to make sure to read the instructions carefully. Another company that I used to buy hosting from was Zyma for their private blog network links. They were quite decent but since they’re based in the UK, the time difference can be quite annoying. If you have an emergency and needs something to be solved quickly, you have to wait for their working hours, which can be quite a long wait depending on where you’re located and your time zone.



Option #1 – 34% Positive Reviews

– VS –

Option #2 – 64% Positive Reviews

VERDICT: Option #2 by Popular Vote

Average Rating: 4.9 / 5 (200 votes)

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦


I will continue to try a few more hosting companies and make a conclusion on which one is the best. For now, I would recommend A Small Orange since I’ve always been met with professionalism when it comes to their customer service and their services that they offer are good enough for my current needs.





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Travelling Vietnam on a Motorbike



This post: New freelance client, travelling around Vietnam and my plan for the next few weeks.

Hi guys, been a while since I last update my site. I haven’t been active blogging lately because I just haven’t had the find nor interest for it. I will try to blog more often, I promise. So today I will write a little update on what I’m working on and where in the world I am right now.

So, as you guys know, I’m travelling the world, seeing exciting places and getting to explore new cultures. A lot of people have also asked, “How do you support your self while travelling?” Well, well, well… Here’s my answer. I do freelance design work, both graphic and web design. It gives me the freedom of time and freedom of location in the sense that I can work from anywhere I want. The process is simple. I network with like minded people and they refer me to their previous clients.


So, these past two weeks, I have been working on a project for an online poker site. They already have their site all set up but wanted to make their site prettier. On top of that, they wanted me to look at how to increase their conversion rate. Basically what that means is, how to get more engagement from their visitors. I do this by using contrasting colors where they want to redirect the reader’s attention to. One problem that I faced was, since I do not have any experience within online casino or anything similar, I just had to go with my gut instincts and apply basic fundamentals of User Experience design.

You might also be interested in: My SaleHoo Review For This Year


my diagram reviewed


A little bit of info on the client. The client is a company located in Malta with several satellite offices around the world and they run multiple sites targeting the online casino and the iGaming crowd. They produce contents that’s relevant to that industry and how the make money is by sending traffic to their advertisers. You can check my write up about the project in the link I mentioned below (via Cargo Collective), and if you like, you can also visit the finished site here for a list of paypal poker sites. This specific site focus on PayPal poker sites (click to view my write-up of the project). Basically different payment methods that you can use to deposit funds into your account. I hope that they’re satisfied with my work and that we can continue to work on more projects in the future.



Now back to my travelling adventures, these past few weeks have been fun. Been riding my rented scooter a lot. Last week we were at Halong Bay, and this week we’re in Ho Chi Minh City. From next week on, we will be in Laos for two weeks. Thinking of buying a good book to read during the long train and bus rides. Any suggestions? The next few weeks will be quite interesting and I’m really looking forward to that.

Alright now, all the best, speak soon.

– Wanderlust Poet


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Langkawi – The Jewel Of Kedah



By: Erin Weiss
Published On: 16/3/2016


Erin is an adventure enthusiast from Christchurch, New Zealand.
Follow her travels and see what she gets up to abroad.

Follow her on: Facebook – Twitter – LinkedIn


WOW- simply WOW! That’s how I am going to begin this post!

For the past 5 days I’ve been visiting the island of Langkawi located in Kedah, Malaysia. It’s been an amazing trip so far. I’ve visited waterfalls, snorkelled around the coral reefs, gone deep sea fishing, etc.

This place is truly magical. The other day, I went to a beach where I have NEVER in my life seen whiter sands. The beach called Tanjung Rhu Beach is simply stunning. The sand is SO white. From the beach you can see Thailand in the distance. We went swimming, snorkelling, ate some bbq and even saw the sunset. The sunset itself is worth a blog post on itself.



We stayed at a private villa called at Amanda. From our balcony, we got an unbelievable view of the paddy fields and the mountains. There’s a stunning infinity pool that we chilled to cool ourself off. Amanda is a small boutique resort located in the heart of Langkawi consisting of approximately 6 villas surrounded by a nice and well taken care of garden. The staff was also very friendly and helpful. We booked Langkawi Villas the property through AirBnB. All in all, it has been a good holiday.


alamanda villas langkawi review

Alamanda Villas Langkawi


Well it’s getting late now, better log off.

Speak soon!

How Five Four Club’s Subscription Box Business
Model Works – Five Four Clothing Store



Reviews on Five Four Clothing Club.


Certainly one of the most popular – and profitable – “mail-order” menswear companies anywhere in the world today, the Five Four Club was first conceived of back in 2001 and brought to life in 2002 as a way for men to get their hands on top-quality clothing options at a fraction of the price they pay for at a store, all delivered directly to their doorstep every single month.


And while sales were pretty steady from 2002 on through 2005 or 2006, the “Great Recession” from 2008 through 2009/10 really slammed the brakes on growth and force the company to reinvent itself all over again. It may have looked bleak initially, but Five Four Club has been able to completely transform their operation from top to bottom and become even more successful and even more profitable along the way, from Five Four Clothing stores to a subscription based business model!


Clothing Subscription Box Comparison

Example of Five Four Club advertisement



Here’s a bit of insight into the business model that has helped Five Four Club become such a juggernaut in the premium menswear clothing space. Make sure to also check out our Five Four Club review that we just published.


At its core, this is a “subscription box” kind of company


Subscription box companies such as Five Four Club (See our Five Four Club review that we’ve just published) have become very, very popular in the last four or five years, and for good reason. People are absolutely overloaded with options and choices when they purchase pretty much anything on a regular basis, and most people want nothing more than to limit the time they spend searching for new products and new merchandise (especially when it comes to skincare, beauty care, and clothing) without having to sacrifice quality along the way.

Clothing Subscription Box Comparison

An example of clothing subscription box service for women by MM.Lafleur



Five Four Club (see review) has become the answer for men looking to get their hands on affordable fashion pieces. Each and every single month, customers are sent between two and three different products – each of them curated to that specific customer based off of a customer profile that they have filled out before they became a member – and the total cost sits at right around $60 a month with free shipping.


Pull in leads from social media


As a direct to consumer company, Five Four Club does not do the same kind of institutional advertising you’re going to find “big box” brands doing on a regular basis. This is not a company with the marketing budget of Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, or Calvin Klein – and they aren’t trying to be those companies, either.

five four club review


Instead, this company built its customer base on social media. Taking advantage of all the amazing marketing tools that Facebook had to offer while also leveraging Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Google marketing as well as positive reviews, Five Four Club was able to rapidly expand their customer base through positive reviews and laser targeting of online ads with a direct sales kind of approach.


This allowed them to increase subscriptions close to 93% over a three-month trial process, boosted their click through rate by 24%, and dropped costs for advertising by nearly 40%. All of this had a tremendous impact on profitability and has helped Five Four Club review become a legitimate $100 million a year business with a lot of potential for growth.


trunk club review


Curated fashion sent to your home every month


As we highlighted above, Five Four Club and Chris Paul have always been about curated fashion rather than just throwing together a couple of pieces of a specific size and hoping that their customers will enjoy them. This has helped to differentiate this subscription box company from the rest of the back. Customers get to leave a review for Five Four Club regarding about themselves, their style, and the kinds of clothing an accessories they are hoping to get out of this arrangement, and Five Four Club uses this incredibly valuable data to curate very specific boxes of clothing for their customers.


Unlike traditional e-commerce companies, this curated approach has helped Five Four Club dramatically reduce returns across the board. They have a very dedicated, very active, and very committed customer base which also becomes a very powerful asset for this company moving forward.


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Top 10 Things To Do in Marbella




Hello earthlings!

This is a post on Marbella. I will personally list things down based on my experience living on Costa Del Sol.

First of all, the weather is brilliant. Marbella is located in the Mediterranean southern Spain. Annual sunshine days are over 300 days a year. Where else in Europe can you sit in a t-shirt in a “chiringuito” enjoying a nice cold sangria with some gambas pil pil?
It is a very social place. Marbella’s social life is at it’s best during the summer months. The population expands by three folds during these months. Holiday makers seeking a nice vacation comes through to enjoy what this part of the world has to offer. From the beautiful beaches to the night life, tourists comes for various reasons.


marbella review


Some nearby destinations of Marbella includes; Estepona, San Roque, Sotogrande all the way to Tarifa on the west meanwhile Fuengirola, Benalmadena, Mijas all the way to Malaga on it’s east.


Some popular clubs to visit during the summer months;

Nikki Beach Marbella
Ocean Club Marbella
Sala Beach Marbella
Pangea Marbella
Seven Puerto Banus
Havana Puerto Banus

Some beaches of Marbella

Playa Venus
Funny Beach
Elviria Beach
Bounty Beach


There are many successful businesses here in Marbella. Here are some of the industries that are dominant in Marbella:

Real Estate
Graphic Design
Online Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Interior Design

See Also: Our 2017 Five Four Club Review


mijas review


Whatever your interests in Marbella may be, I am sure you will love this place. A word of advice, don’t forget to visit other charming looking villages nearby such as the typical Spanish white villages of Ojen and Monda up the mountains, Estepona Old Town and Benahavis.


marbella review


If you like looking at boats, yachts, flashy cars and the blings, then head over to the world renown marina Puerto Banus. Here you’ll see the Saudi Royal Family’s yacht(s) moored with over the top furnishing an design. On land, Bentleys, Rolls Royces and Bugattis showing off who’s got the shiniest toys.

Whatever it is, come! I insist. You can stay at my house.

What is Five Four Club Clothing



What is Five Four Club and is it worth it? An honest review on Five Four Club…

2017 review for five four club


The Five Four Club is a high end subscription service that provides monthly expertly curated packages of men’s clothing and accessories to subscribers in the United States and Canada for $60 dollars, and a $25 surcharge for shipping to the Canadian customers. It might seem expensive to get a shirt and some pants in the mail for $60, but when you find out that all of the clothing and accessories provided by the Five Four Club are high end pieces discounted up to 70% for the retail sale at Five Four Club, the price seems very fair and almost too low!

For men who might have trouble deciding what they want to wear on a date or for an important interview because they have lost touch with what is popular in fashion trends, this is such an affordable way to get back in touch with what is appropriate and current in the fashion industry! Think about all the time that is wasted debating on where to shop, then driving there to find that it is out of stock; the Five Four Club mentioned in this review cuts out the middle man and simply delivers what is deemed the best match based on individual customer profiles.

The Five Four Club, What Makes it Unique?

The review of Five Four Club currently and most likely in the future will only cater to men, as it was founded by two young men who struggled to keep up with fashion trends, find time to shop and maintain a budget while getting great fashion pieces. Over a decade later and the Five Four Club is growing constantly and stronger than ever with a substantial customer base that has been endorsed by famous celebrities and numerous fashion publications such as InStyle magazine. Women can benefit from the Five Four Club by reviewing and subscribing their fathers or significant others; the gift of high quality clothing is always a great gift and will be appreciated for sure!


five four club review

In Pic: Amazon To Join the Clothing Subscription Box Craze

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In this day in age there is a subscription for everything, so why not clothing as well. You probably have a couple of entertainment subscriptions and maybe even magazine subscriptions, clothing is the next logical step in the subscription society! Think about all the time that is saved traveling to and pushing your way around crowded shopping centers where maybe you won’t even find what you are looking for. Take a chance and have a professional fashion curator match your style to a profile that you provide.


As we mentioned earlier in our Five Four Club review, there are currently four unique options for styles of subscriptions to buy: classic, casual, forward and mix (for the fashionista who is just not so sure). The best news is that if you are subscribed to one type of style but you see something on the site that you would love to own, you can buy it discounted and it will arrive in the box of your next subscription in addition to what you were already due to be sent. Clothing isn’t all that this Five Four Club review has to offer, they also send out high end accessories to keep men looking dapper and feeling confident whether it be at work or on a date—the Five Four Club makes fashion magic happen for the average guy trying to keep up in the ever changing world of fashion!

GO ahead and give the Five Four Club a try for yourself, join the massive clientele who swear by the company as a lifesaving subscription that cuts the stress of traditional shopping out of life! There is even a special first-time promotion if you go to the Five Four Club website that will let you get a discounted first box!

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Andalusia – Spotlight on Costa Del Sol

Andalucia is located in southern Spain. It is home to 8.45 million people. It is the second largest autonomous community in terms of area size as well as the most populated in Spain. The Andalucian territory is divided amongst eight provinces, namely; Almería, Cádiz, Córdoba, Granada, Huelva, Jaén, Málaga and Seville. Seville serves as the capital city of Andalucia.


In this blog post, we will look further into Marbella and it’s famous marina Puerto Banus, located in the area of Nueva Andalucia.

Marbella is a city and municipality situated between Malaga and the Straits of Gibraltar in southern Spain, belonging to the province of Málaga. Marbella is a wonderful mediterranean city and a part of the idyllic Costa Del Sol where one can experience over 300 sunshine filled days best enjoyed with a jar of sangria, tapas and paella. On a clear day, you can enjoy the magnificient views of Morocco and Gibraltar.



Back in 2002, Marbella property boom saw luxury villas with amazing layout, apartments, and houses being snapped up by foreign buyers making it one of the real estate go-to places in Europe. Puerto Banus apartments became highly sought after due to it’s famous marina. According to Marbella Direct’s blog, the luxury marina of Puerto Banús is home to an array of restaurants, bars and extravagant nightlife, making it the perfect place for celeb-spotting or to simply relax and admire the many yachts at anchor.



Now that you’ve read a bit about Andalucia, Marbella and Puerto Banus, why don’t you come down for a visit? A word of advice, make sure to bring your sunscreen, positive attitude and an open mind to enjoy this magnificent place home to the movie stars and the rich and famous.

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