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How to use SaleHoo Labs to find items to drop ship on eBay/Amazon/Shopify

There’s a neat tool that is popular amongst eBay PowerSellers called SaleHoo Labs that pulls data from eBay, Amazon, and Alibaba’s hot products. It then crunches the data to find the best performing products based on category, sales numbers, competition, prices, popularity, and a list of suppliers who sell the products. It’s a very useful tool to have for those who understand the power and scale of e-commerce.


Dropshipping Business Ideas | 10 profitable niches to sell on eBay/Amazon/Shopify

There are many ways to find suppliers, they are aplenty. The key here is to find trusted and verified suppliers. To save time, you can use services such as SaleHoo Directory (read review). Once you have your store all set up, make sure to properly market your products. We suggest that you start off with Facebook ads as it is reasonably easy to understand. Get started with testing several different campaigns based on your budget to see the best performing products.


How to find fashion dropshippers & wholesalers for your eBay/Amazon/Shopify store

If you’re relying on the internet, the easiest way to find suppliers (and the least risky) is to use a supplier directory like SaleHoo. By using SaleHoo Directory, you won’t need to worry about having to verify the legitimacy of a supplier since they’ve already done it for you. Another dropship directory that you can use is WorldWide Brands.


How to find profitable dropshipping niches for eBay/Amazon/Shopify

There are also tools available for e-commerce vendors that helps simplify the niche selection and products sourcing process. One such tool that I’ve personally used is SaleHoo Labs. It has helped me with discovering and suggesting new products that might suit me based on several different criterias such as the product type, sell rate, price, and it’s competition.


How to Start Selling on Amazon With Little Upfront Cost and No Inventory

Dropshipping means your suppliers ship your products straight to your customers when someone buys from you. You don’t have to hold any inventory. Because you don’t have to invest in inventory, you can start selling at virtually no cost. It’s not required that you incorporate a business or buy a logo to get started, and you only pay Amazon $39.99 a month starting from when you make your first sale.


Is Doba Worth The Hype?

The purpose of Doba serves a middleman in the online business industry. It is also their responsibility to connect with drop shipping companies that guarantee trusting retailers. The good thing with Doba is that they provide entrepreneurs a list of their items for sale from a drop shipping company. However, you can always have the option to choose drop shipping if you don’t want your items to be in a warehouse or household.


Is AliExpress Safe For Dropshippers?

The aim of AliExpress was successful and became the primary international online marketplace for buyers and sellers to engage in business. This also allows an opportunity for Chinese people to sell products all over the world. Just like any other online business affiliates like Amazon, you can as well see products with its corresponding details.




Recent Articles on Fashion & Five Four Club


How Five Four Club’s Promotional Whiteboard Animation 30 Second Explainer Videos Business Model Works (Incl. Coupon Codes)

As a direct to consumer company, Five Four Club coupons does not do the same kind of institutional advertising you’re going to find “big box” brands doing on a regular basis. This is not a company with the marketing budget of Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, or Calvin Klein – and they aren’t trying to be those companies, either.

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Whiteboard Animation 30 Second Explainer Video Services Production Company

If you’re looking for animated 30 second explainer videos or whiteboard animation video production company & services, do not hesitate to contact us for your next animated explainer video & whiteboard animation videos.

Five Four Club Collaborates With Chris Paul on a New Campaign

One of the reasons Paul is such a fan of the Five Four Club is because of how easy it is to purchase great clothes with little effort. Many men, like Paul, complain about the hassle of physically going store to store to try on and take off different outfits. With shopping online at the Five Four Club, finding great outfits is as simple as a tap of the keyboard. At $60 a month, men everywhere can receive new styles that match their fit and their “look” sent directly to them.


Modern Baju Kurung & Baju Raya Moden

Modern baju raya & kurung is a type of traditional Malaysian costume available online that I believe is also a national dress for women here. They would like to create a website with guides on muslimah wear, specifically focusing on baju kurung and baju kebaya. There are many types available such as baju kurung moden – baju raya, lace, peplum, etc.



Recent Travel Destinations


Langkawi – Travel to the far east

From our balcony, we got an unbelievable view of the paddy fields and the mountains. There’s a stunning infinity pool that we chilled to cool ourselves off. Alamanda is a small boutique resort located in the heart of Langkawi consisting of approximately 6 Langkawi villas surrounded by a nice and well-manicured garden.


Andalucia – Marbella & Puerto Banus

Back in 2002, Marbella property boom saw luxury villas with amazing layout, apartments, and houses being snapped up by foreign buyers making it one of the real estate go-to places in Europe. Puerto Banus apartments became highly sought after due to it’s famous marina. According to Marbella Direct’s blog, the luxury marina of Puerto Banús is home to an array of restaurants, bars and extravagant nightlife, making it the perfect place for celeb-spotting or to simply relax and admire the many yachts at anchor.