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Hello and welcome to my blog.

On this blog you will find a collection of my reviews and recommendations. I have decided to start blogging to supplement my income on the side. I think it will be a great way for me to generate some side income.

So, what can you expect to find? Well, I blog about everything I BELIEVE in, and PASSIONATE about. If there’s a product that I strongly believe in, best believe that I will talk about it here. If my friends offer some great services, yes, I will write a recommendation on them here as well, and I will try my best to be unbiased.

If I’ve recently discovered a new song or a band, I will make sure to share it here as well. A gig I went to? You can bet your ass I will write a review on it. I will however try to focus on usability rather than trivial issues. Make sure to check my out my other articles.

Basically, it’s just an outlet for me to write and practice my writing. I think it’s a good way to express my creativity in the form of words constructed into meaningful expressions of self.

Well, that is it for now. Speak soon.

Thank you for visiting and have a nice day…

Pura Vida!



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Five Four Club Subscription Boxes

    My Review of Five Four Club + Promo Code Here are the best coupon codes that you can use when signing up depending on the time of the year. I’ll make sure to have them regularly updated. The discounts will automatically be applied to your cart when you check out.     [...]

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LA Clothing Company Five Four Club collaborates with Chris Paul on a campaign

Chris Paul is a fashion powerhouse in the NBA and off the court as well. As a leader in the Los Angeles Clippers and president of National Basketball Players Association, Chris Paul is always setting the standard for high performance as an athlete and an icon. Whether it is a bespoke suit or an incredible jeans and jacket pairing, the stylish Chris Paul knows how to stand out w [...]

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Trunk Club Review & Promo Code – Clothing subscription box for fashionable men & women!

In this article, we will look at and review Trunk Club & it's clothing subscription box business model. As you guys already know, we are quite big fans of the subscription box business model. For those who are unaware of what they are, to put it in a simple term, think of it as a membership where you pay a monthly subscription fee and receive a box worth of clothing each [...]

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How Five Four Club Grew Sales to $100 Million worth of Clothing

The Five Four Club is a high-end clothing subscription service that provides monthly expertly curated packages of men’s clothing and accessories to subscribers in the United States and Canada for $60 dollars, and a $25 surcharge for shipping to the Canadian customers. It might seem expensive to get a shirt and some pants in the mail for $60, but when you find out that all of [...]

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History of Five Four Club – $240 for 60

Five Four Club, one of the most successful subscription box service businesses in the world today, was started almost by happenstance and certainly wasn’t ever thought to become exactly what it is today – a wildly successful, tremendously profitable, and rapidly growing business with positive reviews that has helped the founders meet their goals and create the financial fut [...]

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Hobbies, Fashion, & Interests

I'd like to let you in more on my self and give you more information about myself. I am quite a regular guy yet fashionable, from Finland, a country located in Northern Europe, it borders Sweden to the South and Russia to the East. To keep myself busy, I spend time on my hobbies and things that interests me. Some of the hobbies that I still am involved in now have been somethin [...]

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How Five Four Club’s Subscription Box Business Model Works – Five Four Clothing Store

Certainly one of the most popular – and profitable – “mail-order” menswear companies anywhere in the world today, the Five Four Club was first conceived of back in 2001 and brought to life in 2002 as a way for men to get their hands on top-quality clothing options at a fraction of the price they pay for at a store, all delivered directly to their doorstep every single m [...]

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How Five Four Club was affected by 2008’s recession (Free bomber jacket coupon included…

We are now almost 10 years away from the Great Recession of 2008, but that doesn’t mean that we forgot just how bad things in the business community were, how devastating this recession was to companies and industries all over the world, and how innovative and adaptive entrepreneurs prove themselves to be in order to dig out of this tremendous hole as quickly as they have. [...]

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Five Four Club Clothing – How Andres Izquieta & Dee Murthy Built a $100m/yr Fashion Empire

The founders of the Five Four Club, probably one of the many multi million dollar a year businesses that you haven’t heard of yet, have been spearheading this company ever since they met each other in college and open for business back in 2002.Andres Izquieta and Dee Murthy started off as students at USC in Los Angeles, and were encouraged during a business class to draw up a [...]

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Baju Kurung Review – Summer Fashion Essentials

    By: Lina Matthews Published On: 23/5/2017   Lina is modern hippie currently working from her laptop Catch her updates as she finds unique venues to explore. Follow her on: Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn   First thought today - I'd update you on my current travels. I am currently in Kuala Lumpur for a work meeting. I've been tryi [...]

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Fashion for Rainy Days

What The Heck Is A Clothing Subscription Box?!   On this blog you will find a collection of my reviews and recommendations. I have decided to start blogging to supplement my income on the side. I think it will be a great way for me to generate some side income.   So, what can you expect to find? Well, I blog about everything I BELIEVE in, and PASSION [...]

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