Baju Kurung Review – Summer Fashion Essentials



By: Lina Matthews
Published On: 23/5/2017


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First thought today – I’d update you on my current travels. I am currently in Kuala Lumpur for a work meeting. I’ve been trying to pick up more and more web and graphic design clients now that 2017 is approaching. My goal is to be able to have 10 clients on hand that I can manage on retainer that I will work with on a month to month basis.



So in Kuala Lumpur, I met up with the owner of a clothing boutique that sells baju kurung. Modern baju raya & kurung is a type of traditional Malaysian costume available online that I believe is also a national dress for women here. They would like to create a website with guides on muslimah wear, specifically focusing on baju kurung and baju kebaya. There are many types available such as baju kurung moden – baju raya, lace, peplum, etc. I haven’t fully gotten the grasp of it yet but I’m sure by the end of this project, I’ll sure be an expert on the subject, haha.



So what they’d like to do is for me to create them a website. Additionally, they’d like me to also do some graphic design work for them as well. We have also talked about social media management. What that means is that I will set up their social media profiles and once every week I’ll upload content and pictures onto those profiles such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Haven’t really done social media management before but I think it will be a new skill that I can add to my CV. Plus, more money for me to travel 🙂 So, if you guys are interested in knowing more about baju kurung, make sure to check out their website! I will post a link to it once we’ve got the ball rolling.



It was a fun and productive meeting. After the meeting, we head out to lunch at Suria KLCC (the shopping mall that’s connected to the Petronas Twin Towers.) It was very futuristic and modern sitting surrounded by sky scrapers.

For new year, our plan is to hit up some nice beachside resort and just unwind. Take two weeks or so off to recharge our mind and body. Not sure yet where we’ll go, but hopefully we can decide soon as the price will surely increase the more we wait.

Well that’s it for now. Will update more in a little bit.