Dropshipping Business Ideas | 10 profitable niches to sell on eBay/Amazon/Shopify

Selling online is a lucrative business. Quite a number of online entrepreneurs are making six-figure income through selling goods online. The key to success in e-commerce, eBay and Amazon marketplace is to find profitable products to sell and focus your effort on conquering the market for these core products.


Finding a profitable dropshiping niche shouldn’t be difficult.


To get you started, here are 10 proven profitable dropship niches according to SaleHoo (in no particular order):


  1. Baby equipment
  2. Self-care and cosmetics
  3. Craft supplies
  4. Specialty foods, such as diet options like vegan, gluten-free, and organic food
  5. Clothing
  6. Subscription boxes
  7. Men’s grooming products
  8. Specialty sports equipment, such as fencing or pole vaulting
  9. Unique grilling gear
  10. Supplements


Baby equipment and craft supplies are two easy to monetize evergreen niches. These two niches have loyal, on-going followers and are not seasonal trends. Having loyal fan base means that you’ll have plenty of potential customers to market your products to.

How to find trusted suppliers for these niches…


There are many ways to find suppliers, they are a plenty. The key here is to find trusted and verified suppliers. To save time, you can use services such as SaleHoo Directory.


With SaleHoo, all of their suppliers are screened and verified prior to being accepted into their directory. They have over 8000 suppliers of over 1 million products in different categories such as Baby Equipment, Craft Supplies, etc, that you can choose from to drop ship.

Once you have your store all set up, make sure to properly market your products. We suggest that you start off with Facebook ads as it is reasonably easy to understand. Get started with testing several different campaigns based on your budget to see the best performing products.

Now that you’ve found proven winners between your range of products, double down your marketing spend on these winners. Rinse and repeat these steps – to your continued success…