Fashion Dropship Suppliers – How SaleHoo can help you find drop-ship fashion suppliers for your eBay/Amazon/Shopify store

The most common problem that online retailers have is being able to find a trusted supplier. As a retailer, your dropship suppliers are your business partners. You rely on them to provide your products on time and with high-quality. If anything goes wrong, you have to shoulder the responsibility, not your supplier. Plus, when searching for suppliers, it’s easy to be scammed or find suppliers who send low-quality products.


Here are a few ways to find reputable wholesale suppliers:


  • If a supplier sells to the general public, they’re often not really wholesalers. They are claiming to be wholesalers to get more business, but turn around and give the same prices to your customers. This makes for competition; not good.
  • While you can look for suppliers using Google, it’s often difficult, time-consuming, and very risky. Anyone can make a website that looks like a supplier site and rank it on Google. Be careful of fraud.
  • Ask for samples to check for their quality before committing heavily into a supplier.
  • Join industry groups, forums, and other professional networks that’s specific to the products you’re looking to sell.
  • Attend trade shows – Suppliers and wholesalers often exhibit their business at these shows, it’s a good place to network with them.
  • Another way to find a supplier is by contacting the manufacturer of the product. They are usually able to give you a few names of decent suppliers, although how much they know about the supplier can be limited.


If you’re relying on the internet, the easiest way to find suppliers (and the least risky) is to use a supplier directory like SaleHoo. By using SaleHoo Directory, you won’t need to worry about having to verify the legitimacy of a supplier since they’ve already done it for you.

With over 8000+ suppliers and over 1 million products that you can choose from, you’re sure to find a perfect match to strike up a partnership with.