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In this WorldWide Brands review, you’ll see how I feel about this company after having been with them for slightly over 2 years now….

If you are serious about making money selling on marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon, or simply by selling anything physical through e-commerce on the internet right now, you really have to make sure that you are living by the age old saying that is “buy low and sell high” or you are going to not be able to turn a profit in the middle of this ultra competitive business environment.

I should know – I jumped into the shark tank that we all know as e-commerce today just a few years ago. I found it to be one of the most challenging industries to break into. Especially when you don’t have the connections you need to get wholesale merchandise at a great price that you can then mark up and sell at a pretty profit.

In fact, the overwhelming majority of the organizations that I connected with in my early days of e-commerce were nothing more than complete junk and about the shadiest people you could ever do business with online or off!

Half the companies that I worked with back then have gone out of business already, the others have for the most part had to rebrand (at least twice) to stay one step ahead of past customers with axes to grind, and some have even had their founders sent off to prison because of less than ethical business practices they utilized on a pretty much around-the-clock basis.

I don’t tell you this to spook you, however, but instead, to let you know that there are some pretty shady characters out there you can tangle horns with when you’re looking to build your online business and you need to do everything you can to avoid them at all costs.


Take advantage of all the inside information I’m able to share with you in this Worldwide Brands review, let my past experience help inform your decisions going forward, and you’ll be able to avoid a lot of the mistakes and missteps I made early on and really jump-start your success online.



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Look for a platform with plenty to offer…

I gave WorldWide Brands a shot at earning my business, and even ponied up the $299 they wanted to “join the community” – and boy did I fall for it hook, line and sinker! I felt cheated…

I was promised the moon and the stars when it came to connections, access, and plenty of help, as well as a flood of tools, training, and resources that would help me create the kind of financial future I had always dreamed of.

Unfortunately, most of that was nothing but nonsense – and on top of that they tried to get me to pay even more for “upsells” to gain access to the tools and solutions I actually needed to make my online business work.


Avoid WorldWide Brands for now…

For starters, they tried to connect me to an affiliate site just to find information about the most popular niches available online today. This probably should have been information that was included in my initial membership (but wasn’t), and right off the that this kind of ticked me off.

Secondly, I needed help with my initial accounting to get my business up off the ground and monitor my sales, costs, and cash flow – and all they did was provide me an affiliate link to QuickBooks so that they would make money on my investment in business infrastructure.


Simply unimpressed….

On top of all that, WorldWide Brands simply offered a sub par directory. The sales page that really sucked me into trying out this company in the first place promoted a wholesaler directory that was going to include literally thousands and thousands of companies all over the world that I could effortlessly connect with to purchase pretty much anything I could imagine at the wholesale prices, with many of these “partners” supposedly offering great deals and low minimum purchase requirements – but when I actually dived in this wasn’t exactly the case.

Truthfully, the low minimum purchase requirements required me to order a ridiculous amount of “shipping and insurance protection, and the prices that were offered with these low minimum or sky-high compared to when you purchased between $5000 and $10,000 worth of merchandise at a clip.

Combine that with other hidden fees that were almost always assessed on top of the “rock-bottom rates” and you’re talking about extremely expensive wholesale merchandise that isn’t available at wholesale prices at all.

From time to time I also found this directory to be pretty much incomplete or inaccurate as well. A lot of the wholesalers that I reached out to try to connect with had either gone out of business or changed their contact information (raising a couple of red flags right there), and even those that I was able to connect with weren’t all that eager to help me get my operation up and running – even though I was ready to become a paying customer and long-term client.


Is WorldWide Brands a scam?

I can confidently tell you that this company – WorldWide Brands – IS NOT a scam, but instead a legitimate company though they have absolutely no trouble whatsoever over inflating the amount of help and services that they are able to provide for the $299 that they charge up front.

WorldWide Brands do deliver on some of these promises (though on spectacularly) and they definitely include everything that they say they offer in some way, shape, or form. You have to do the bulk of the heavy lifting, however, to make your e-commerce platform work and I can confidently tell you this kind of “help” isn’t worth any more than maybe $29 and certainly not $299.


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