LA Clothing Company Five Four Club collaborates with Chris Paul on a campaign

Chris Paul is a fashion powerhouse in the NBA and off the court as well. As a leader in the Los Angeles Clippers and president of National Basketball Players Association, Chris Paul is always setting the standard for high performance as an athlete and an icon. Whether it is a bespoke suit or an incredible jeans and jacket pairing, the stylish Chris Paul knows how to stand out with a quiet yet bold sense of style. As a lover of the modern shopping phenomenon, the Five Four Club, Chris Paul collaborated with this subscription company to create an amazing set of collections with products available on the market for 2017.

The Chris Paul Campaign

This year, the Five Four Club’s special collections feature Paul’s iconic fashion know-how and his own personal style. These collections promote a classic and cool street style with a traditional but edgy look. With the help of his stylist Courtney Mays, Paul created one of a kind look for these collections. Five Four Club’s collaboration with Paul is a win win for both teams involved. With over 100,000 members, the clothing subscription club is really benefiting from Paul’s vision and direction.

On the radar since being awarded the 2006 Rookie of the Year, Paul knows how to bring comfort and style to the table. For a subscription service like the Five Four Club, there’s nothing better than the perfect blend of visual appeal with the right feel and fit to match.  

Shopping for the Modern Man

One of the reasons Paul is such a fan of the Five Four Club is because of how easy it is to purchase great clothes with little effort. Many men, like Paul, complain about the hassle of physically going store to store to try on and take off different outfits. With shopping online at the Five Four Club, finding great outfits is as simple as a tap of the keyboard. At $60 a month, men everywhere can receive new styles that match their fit and their “look” sent directly to them.

With the Five Four Club subscription service, Paul points out that it’s easy to look like a trend setter. According to Chris Paul, the trick to dressing well is finding a “subtle way” to be stylish. With great clothes that already make you look put together, all a man really needs is the right accessories. Paul likes to opt for noticeable accessories like watches, necklaces and pocket squares. This ball player’s go to’s for watches include Rolex, Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet. With these pointed accessories, it is clear that Chris Paul knows how to dress and knows how to do it well.

An Evolution of Style

Every fashionable man was once a grossly less fashionable version of themselves. Chris Paul recalls a time when his loud Louis Vuitton belt and his cringe-worthy oversized jeans were a staple of his wardrobe. Although Paul admits his style has drastically changed since those early days, he makes an important point. No matter what Paul wore or wears now, he realizes that he never wanted anyone’s validation. What Paul chooses to wear is always what he is comfortable in and what looks good in his eyes.

The Five Four Club focuses on this aspect of style and passion by pairing the right man with the right look. After completing the fashion survey, men get to shop for styles that are a guaranteed fit for the look they are searching for. With a subscription service like this, it is easy for men to find their own fashion niche and to become comfortable in their own skin as an expert in what to wear.