My Review of Five Four Club + Promo Code [2017 Edition]

five four club review

So you wanna know about Five Four Club and what they’re all about huh? If you answered yes, then look no further. In this 2017 Five Four Club review, I’ll share with you the clothes that I’ve gotten from them for the past 3 months.

You’ll be able to see for yourself what kind of clothes to expect, how they fit, the styles, designs and what how I REALLY feel about this brand.

On top of that, I’ll also share with you a few Five Four Club promo codes that I have which you could use so you can get a sweet discount for your first month’s package!

Does that sound good to you? Can I get a hell yeah?!  Aww yeaaa!



Legit & Fresh or A No Go?

So a bit of background story before I show the clothes that I’ve received… I actually found out about Five Four Club from one of their Facebook ads and saw that one of my favorite NBA players of all time, Chris Paul co-signing his stamp of approval on them. With that being said, I decided to try their service out myself.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but after I got my first package, I was quite impressed by the clothes that I received – stylish and well made. The thing that I love about their clothes was not only how versatile it is and how I could easily wear the same items for my work outfit as well as wearing them to going out for a dinner date with my girlfriend or some drinks with the boys. Effortlessly and in-style.

I can say that they are timeless quality pieces. My girlfriend who works in fashion was skeptical at first but then complimented me on how surprisingly stylish they were.  She’s a true believer in that “style cannot be bought”. I also strongly believe that when you hire a specialist to curate your wardrobe, you’re hiring them for a reason 🙂

The colors are gentlemanly and they’re suited for any stylish man. Sleek colors – you’ve got your navy blues, whites, and timeless patterns such as subtle polka dots, and jeans that are just the right amount of distressed, for that relaxed but sharp modern look.

They are outfits that you can easily mix and match, whether it be for a professional environment or a casual night out with your crew.


Overview of What To Expect Each Month From Five Four Club

Depending on the season and month, typically you can expect around 2 or 3 tops and 1 bottom for each month – which surprisingly, in my opinion, is not bad at all… don’t you agree?

Sometimes, they’ll throw in a couple pieces of accessories into your box as well…

At $60/mo for all of this, I think it’s an absolute bargain & a huge time saver!

If you’re interested, I’ve ALSO got a few discount vouchers that you can use which I’ll include at the end of this testimonial


Explainer Videos and Whiteboard Animation Of The Clothes That I’ve Received Lately

Here are some shots of the clothes that I’ve gotten from them over the past three months. In total, I spent $180 for the clothes below. I’m definitely satisfied and looking forward to more boxes from them! Visit this page for info on whiteboard animation video & 30 90 second explainer videos production services

Five Four Club


My Testimonial & Opinion on Their Subscription Box Service


  • I think that their subscription service is a huge time saver especially now that I work quite a lot and rely on online shopping for most of my clothes.


  • For me, home delivery services such Five Four Club are much appreciated. I try to avoid crowded areas such as shopping malls and dealing with pushy shop attendants as often as I can.


  • For only $60 a month which is less than what I’d normally pay for a pair of jeans, I think Five Four Club’s boxes are SUPER good value for money. Like I said, the clothes are very versatile. They can be worn for various occasions, whether for work or for going out for some drinks.


  • Since there’s no minimum commitment, I was willing to give them a try knowing that I’ll be able to cancel my membership anytime. I am quite happy with this subscription service so far. Overall, I would rate them B+

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Valid Five Four Club Promo Codes [Last Verified 23 Mins Ago…]

Here are the best coupon codes that you can use when signing up depending on the time of the year. I’ll make sure to have them regularly updated.

The discounts will automatically be applied to your cart when you check out.



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