Shopify & SiteGround Review + Promo Code

By: Laura Izquieta
Published On: 25/5/2017





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As you all know, I’m a web journalist. I do freelance work and most of time, the clients that I do work for have never had a website for their business before. A lot of them ask what’s the cheapest website and e-commerce hosting available and I’d normally not know what to say. So I went on a mission to try few different hosting companies out and narrow down my options so I can give recommendations based on my first hand experience.


Lately, I’ve been researching and testing a few different e-commerce companies to see which ones offers the best rates and service. Another thing that is important for me is reliability! Will my hosting service have decent up time? Will it be fast enough and most importantly what are the specifications such as server speed, internet speed, and what’s the monthly bandwidth quota?


“I tried a few different ones such as Shopify for dropshipping since they have on going discounts if you can manage to find a promo code. They’re reliable I guess but for larger clients, I’d prefer a Virtual Private Server (VPS). The only complaint that I have is that their customer support is a bit slow. Takes more than 24 hours with this Shopify coupon code usually to get my support ticket solved.”

Marjo H – Webmaster


Another hosting provider that I’ve been using is Bluehost. They’re quite cheap and are quite reliable. Fast speed and generous bandwidth quota, even for the smallest package. For any clients who would like me to create them a WordPress based sites, I normally go with Bluehost.


First Test:


Another company that I’ve been using lately is Siteground and I’ve been getting significant discounts using their promo codes. I think they’re quite a small company since their customer service is terrific and you can buy securely. I always get a reply for any of my questions or concerns within 24 hours, sometimes even within 12 hours. I have only positive things to say about them and they are super professional. They have several different packages that you can choose from whether you’re creating a personal website for yourself or even larger packages such as dedicated Virtual Private Server if you need web hosting for your business. Another company, Shopify also offers generous discounts with their offers.

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Every now and then you can even set up to 50% discounts on the services that they offer. I’ve tried it before and their promo codes do work! You just have to make sure to read the instructions carefully.Another company that I used to used to buy hosting from was Zyma for their excellent private blog network. They were quite decent but since they’re based in the UK, the time difference can be quite annoying. If you have an emergency and needs something to be solved quickly, you have to wait for their working hours, which can be quite a long wait depending on where you’re located and your time zone.


VERDICT – Best eCommerce Hosting : SiteGround

Average Rating: 4.9 / 5 (200 votes)


I will continue to try a few more hosting companies and make a conclusion on which one is the best. For now, I would recommend Shopify and SiteGround since I’ve always been met with professionalism when it comes to their customer service and their services that they offer are good enough for my current needs.