Hobbies, Fashion, & Interests

I’d like to let you in more on my self and give you more information about myself. I am quite a regular guy yet fashionable, from Finland, a country located in Northern Europe, it borders Sweden to the South and Russia to the East. To keep myself busy, I spend time on my hobbies and things that interests me. Some of the hobbies that I still am involved in now have been something I’ve been interested in since I was a child and some of them I picked up recently.

Lets start off with hobbies that I’ve enjoyed doing since I was little.

Chess – I started playing chess when I was 6 years old. It wasn’t really my choice though. If I remember correctly, we had a family friend who liked playing chess and used to come around to our house. He’d challenge my brother and sister to play with him.

I got curious and asked him to teach me the game. Soon enough, my parents sent to an after school chess club where I played different tournaments around my city and state/region.

Fun fact: I’ve won several tournaments for my age group! I kind of lost touch with the game and stopped playing around my middle school years. The past two years or so, I’ve slowly gotten back into it again by playing chess online through Facebook.

Design – I’ve always been interested in fashion design. I drew a lot as a kid. Around the age of 14, I got myself a bootleg copy of Adobe Photoshop that I downloaded off KaZaa or something. I remember being so fascinated by it. Looking back, my designs back then were quite embarrassing – but you’ve got to start somewhere though, right? This fascination turned into a career as I went on to study graphic design at an art school / university.

I’ve branched out more within design to include web, digital marketing and advertising into the mix.

Poker – This is something I also truly love. I see the similarity between poker and chess. Both competitive, a game of strategy, and all about taking risks. Now a days, whenever I’m connected with solid internet – fast speed – I play online poker at various rooms such as 888 Poker, Betfair, etc. It all depends on the bonuses and monthly promotions that’s available – gotta looove them bonuses.

Travelling – As my blog is mostly centered around my travels, I guess you can already guess that it’s something I truly enjoy. I like experiencing new cultures, seeing new places, tasting local delicacies.

Sometimes I travel just to relax at a tropical beach with a coconut in hand while laying on a hammock in a chilled out fashion. I’ve been to over 20 countries in all but two continents. You can read more about the places I’ve been to under the page “Countries I’ve Visited” in the menu section.